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The Ten Commandments | part 16: decorum in the worship service

Running time: 8:18

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God commands that certain elements be part of a worship service. God commands that these certain elements in a worship service be done in a certain way. God also commands that we conduct ourselves with a certain decorum when it comes to participation in this kind of worship.

The Ten Commandments | part 15: a gospel order to the elements of worship

Running time: 11:27

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Now that we understand what elements God wants in a worship service, we need to think about when He wants us to do each of them. A good Reformed liturgy gives careful thought to the order of the elements in a worship service.

The Ten Commandments | part 14: the second commandment and the elements of worship

Running time: 23:49

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If the second commandment teaches the regulative principle, we have to then ask: “What exactly does the Bible say we should do in New Covenant worship”? Without a New Testament book of Leviticus, are we left in the dark?

The Ten Commandments | part 13: second commandment & the regulative principle

Running time: 15:41

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Behind and implied by the second commandment is this “regulative principle of worship,” which is taught all throughout the Holy Scriptures. Listen to see how and where.

The Ten Commandments | part 12: second commandment & the regulative principle

Running time: 16:31

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Though the “regulative principle of worship” may be an odd or unfamiliar phrase, we hope you’ll come to undertsand and accept it as a good label for the second commandment’s authoritative import regarding worship.

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