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John 18:12-27 | I Am Not

Psalm 147 | The Outcasts Gathered To Jerusalem

Psalm 143 | The Eyes Are On You

The Time To Glorify The Son

Luke 2:1-20 | Our Peace

Psalm 142 | Jesus’ Prayer From The Cave

Psalm 141 | Serving As A Priest In Exile

John 16:25-33 | My Work Has Overcome The World

John 16:16-24 | I Will Turn Your Sorrow To Joy

John 15:17-16:4 | The World Hates Me And You

Psalm 140 | The Words Of Serpents

Psalm 139 | Expose, Forgive, And Correct My Foolishness

Psalm 138 | Words Of Justice Exalt God’s Name

Psalm 137 | Justice Comforts The Downtrodden

John 15:12-17 | You Are My Chosen Friends

Psalm 136 | His Covenant Love Continues Through Eternity

John 15:1-11 | Life In The True Vine

John 14:15-31 | I Give You The Spirit Of Peace

John 14:1-14 | The Glorious Way Home

Psalm 135 | Praise Our Beautiful God

Psalm 134 | Blessings From The House

Psalm 133 | Unity Is Eternity Begun

Psalm 132 | David’s Son Builds The House

Psalm 131 | Humble, Calm, and Patient

Psalm 130 | My Waits In Hope

Psalm 129 | The Oppressors Cursed

John 13:31-38 | Now Is The Son Glorified

John 13:21-30 | Betrayed By A Friend

John 13:1-20 | Washed By My Master

John 12:36-50 | Believe In Me And He Who Sent Me

The Great Wedding

John 12:27-36 | The Hour Has Come

John 12:12-26 | Glorified By Being

Psalm 128 | Blessed Because We Fear The Lord

Psalm 127 | Building The Everlasting House

John 12:1-11 | Thankful, Or Damned?

John 11:38-57 | Take Away The Shame And The Uncleanness

John 11:17-37 | The Resurrection Life Giving Spirit

John 11:1-16 | My Friend Died For Your Sake

Psalm 126 | Show Your Glory

Psalm 125 | The Lord Surrounds His People

Psalm 124 | Our Help Is In The Name Of The Lord

Psalm 123 | I’ve Had More Than Enough Grief

Psalm 122 | Peace For Those Who Love Jerusalem

John 10:22-42 | I And The Father Are Your Redeemer

John 10:1-21 | The Shepherd Who Will Die For His Sheep

John 9:1-41 | Joy And Contempt For God’s Salvation

John 8:31-59 | I Am Will Set You Free

John 8:12-30 | The Light Of The World

John 7:53-8:11 | Justice And Mercy Meet

John 5:19-29 | The Son Rewards With Life

Psalm 106 | Professional Sinners Dedicated To Offending God

John 5:1-18 | Powerful Work Of The Sabbath

John 4:43-54 | Believing The Word Of The Lord

Psalm 105 | Give Thanks To The Merciful God

Psalm 104 | Bless The Creator O My Soul

John 4:1-42 | The Living Water To Gentile Sinners

John 3:22-26 | Twilight Of Old Age, Dawn Of The New

Psalm 102 | The Distressed Will Yet Praise The Lord

John 3:1-21 | God’s Justifying Love In The Son

Psalm 101 | I Will Love The Faithful Of The Land

John 2:23-3:21 | Born From Above

Psalm 100 | Shout Victoriously In Jerusalem You Gentiles

John 2:12-25 | Zeal For God’s House

Psalm 99 | Exalt Our Holy And Forgiving God

John 2:1-12 | Water Of Law To Wine Of Gospel

Psalm 98 | Rejoice In The Lord, All You Righteous

John 1:35-51 | God Descends To Jacob / Israel

Psalm 97 | Rejoice In The Lord, All You Righteous

Covenantal Baptism

Psalm 96 | Neither Grace Nor Glory Found In Idols

The Lamb Who Redeems A Kingdom

Psalm 95 | Hear God, Or Our Worship Is Worthless

Psalm 94 | God of Vengeance, Repay

Behold, The Lamb

Psalm 93 | Yahweh Rules Over The Floods

Preparing The Way Of The Lord

Psalm 92 | Our Sabbath Found In the Almighty

Born Of God

Psalm 91 | His Angels Will Bear You Up

We Have Seen His Glory

Psalm 90 | Teach Us To Number Our Days

The Great Word From Eternity

Psalm 89 | Will You Hide Your Face Forever

How Can I Give You Up, My Son?

Psalm 88 | My Only Friend is Death

Forgiveness Expresses Thanksgiving

Psalm 87 | Glorious Things Are Said Of You

Our Refuge In The Exalted God

Belgic Confession Art. 37 | Resurrection And Everlasting Life

Psalm 86 | Gracious God For the Poor and Needy

Belgic Confession Art. 37 | The Final Judgment

Psalm 85 | Let Me Hear of Your Righteous Peace

Belgic Confession Art. 37 | The Sudden Return Of The Day Of The Lord

Psalm 84 | My Soul Yearns To Be In Your House

Belgic Confession Art. 36 | The Christian And The State

Psalm 83 | Fill Your Enemies Faces With Shame, And Save Them

Psalm 82 | Unjust Rulers Destroy The Earth

Belgic Confession Art 35 | Invited Guests Dressed In Righteousness

Psalm 81 | Listen, Or I Will Give You Up To Your Way

Belgic Confession Art. 35 | The Presence Of Jesus In The Supper

Psalm 80 | Turn Your Face To Your Vineyard

Belgic Confession Art. 34 | Covenantal Baptism

Psalm 79 | Pour Out Your Anger

Belgic Confession Art. 34 | The Washing Of The Baptism

Belgic Confession Art. 34 | What Is A Sacrament?

Belgic Confesion Art. 33 | Church Order And Loving Discipline

Psalm 78 | Our Fathers And We Are The Problem

Psalm 77 | Has God Forgotten To Be Gracious?

Belgic Confession Art. 31 | Calling Fit Officers

Belgic Confession Art. 30 | For The Governing Of The Church

Psalm 76 | Lord Of Salem (Peace) To Be Feared

Psalm 75 | Draining The Cup Of Wrath

Psalm 74 | Remember Your Cast Off Children

Psalm 73 | I Understood The Sinfulness Of Sin

Psalm 72 | The Royal Son Will Rule

Belgic Confession Art. 29 | Marks Of The False Church

Belgic Confession Art. 29 | Marks Of The True Christian

Belgic Confession Art. 29 | Three Marks Of The True Church

Psalm 71 | God Has Been Faithful All My Life

Psalm 70 | Hurry Up And Help Me God

Belgic Confession Art. 28 | Members In Jesus

Psalm 69 | I’m Tired Of Crying, Waiting For My God

Belgic Confession Art. 26 | Jesus, The Only Intercessor We Need

Psalm 68 | Triumphal Procession

Belgic Confession Art. 25 | Holiness Without Moses

Belgic Confession Art. 24 | Sanctification Of The New Man

Belgic Confession Art. 23 | Justification By Grace Alone

Psalm 66 | Praise God For Trials And Deliverance

Psalm 65 | The God Who Hears Prayer

Psalm 64 | Bitter Words Like Arrows

Belgic Confession Art. 22 | Justification By Faith Alone

Psalm 63 | My Soul Thirsts For You

Belgic Confession Art. 21 | Jesus’ Priestly Sacrifice

Belgic Confession Art. 20 | The Justice And Mercy Of God In Jesus

Psalm 62 | All Men Are Vapor, Power Belongs To God

Psalm 61 | The Rock That Is Higher Than I

Easter Sunday | He Has Overcome Death

Psalm 60 | Lift Up A Banner

The World Rejects King Jesus

Psalm 59 | Deliver Me From Howling Dogs

Belgic Confession Art. 19 | Two Natures In One Person

Psalm 58 | Bathing In The Blood Of The Wicked

Belgic Confession Art. 18 | The Incarnation Of The Son

Psalm 57 | Be Exalted, O God

Belgic Confession Art. 17 | For God So Loved

Psalm 56 | What Can Man Do To Me?

Belgic Confession Art. 16 | The Doxology Of Election

Psalm 55 | Betrayed

Belgic Confession Art. 15 | Original Sin And Federal Headship

Belgic Confession 14 | Man Created In The Image Of God

Belgic Confession 12 | We Trust And Praise Our Creator

Psalm 52 | Foolish Boasters

Psalm 51 | Let Sinners Learn Repentance From Me

Psalm 50 | Call On Me, And I Will Deliver You

Belgic Confession Article 11 | God’s Holy Spirit

Belgic Confession Article 10 | Jesus Is God

Psalm 49 | Arrogant Men Have No Knowlege

Psalm 48 | Measure The City’s Walls

Psalm 47 | Shout Loud Songs Of Joy

Belgic Confession Article 9 | Our Hope Found In The Trinity

Belgic Confession Art. 8 | The Practical And Comforting Doctrine Of The Trinity

Psalm 46 | God Is Our Refuge

The Promised Son From Unpromising Line

Psalm 45 | The Great Wedding Feast Begun

The Davidic Covenant Fulfilled

Psalm 44 | Awake! O Lord, Rouse Yourself

Psalm 42,43 | Why So Downcast Oh My Soul

Belgic Confession Art. 7 | The Sufficiency Of The Bible

Belgic Confession Art. 5,6 | The Authority Of God’s Word

Psalm 41 | Blessed Is The One Who Considers The Poor

Belgic Confession Art. 3,4 | The Holy Word

Psalm 40 | Announce The Great News

Psalm 39 | Make Me Know How Fleeting I Am

Belgic Confession Art. 2 | General And Special Revelation

Belgic Confession Art 1. pt. 2 | The Overflowing Fountain Of All Good

Psalm 38 | Discipline Me, I Confess My Sin To You

Belgic Confession Art. 1 | One True God

Psalm 37 | Delight In Yahweh, Refrain From Anger

Belgic Confession Article 1 | With Heart And Mouth

Psalm 36 | In Your Light, Do We See Light

Col 4:7-18 | Striving That We May All Stand Mature

Psalm 35 | Hated Me Without A Cause

Psalm 34 | Taste And See

Psalm 33 | Shout For Joy In Yahweh

Col 4:2-6 | Pray Constantly, Walk Wisely

Col. 3:18-4:1 | Holy Order

Col. 3:1, 4-11,12-17 | Thankful For The Word Of Christ

Psalm 32 | Blessed Is The Forgiven

Col. 3:12:17 | Put On Love

Psalm 31 | Into Your Hand

Col. 3:5-11 | The New Man

Psalm 30 | Joy In The Morning Of Resurrection

Col. 3:1-4 | Set Your Mind On Things Above

Psalm 29 | The Voice Of Yahweh Shakes The World

Psalm 28 | Do Not Punish Me With The Wicked

Col 2:16-23 | Festive Rest. Sanctified Joy In Jesus’ Finished Work

Col. 2:16-23 | The Substance Belongs To Jesus

Psalm 27 | Let Me Dwell In God’s House

Psalm 26 | I Love Where Your Glory Dwells


Free curriculum designed for your growth in Christian thinking and living.

What Is the Reformed Faith?

An introduction to the Christian worldview and the basic teachings of the Bible. Learn the basic differences among the main groups in the broad Christian tradition, and that “the Reformed faith” is just a nickname for the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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Heidelberg Catechism Curriculum for Families

An exposition of a most treasured summary of the Bible’s basic teachings. Learn how you can be clear about the glory of Christ in His triumph over our sinful misery, so that you can pass it down to the next generation.

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What We Believe

So that everyone visiting this website and our churches knows exactly what we believe and teach, we state our faith right alongside historic and Reformed Christian churches.

The Ecumenical Creeds

Ancient summaries of basic Bible teachings written in part to defend God’s people against heresies sadly still alive today.

The Three Forms of Unity

500-year-old summaries of basic Bible teachings written in part to defend God’s people from deep-seated theological and moral corruption in all kinds of false churches and movements.

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Rev. Tom Morrison
2 Kings 25:8-30 | Hope and Comfort

Rev. Tom Morrison
2 Kings 23:31-25:7 | Forgiven

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Rev. Movses Janbazian
Psalm 143 | The Eyes Are On You

Rev. Movses Janbazian
Psalm 142 | Jesus’ Prayer From The Cave

Rev. Movses Janbazian
Psalm 141 | Serving As A Priest In Exile

Rev. Movses Janbazian
Psalm 140 | The Words Of Serpents

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