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Mark 16:1-8 | Choose Now Whom You Will Serve

Mark 15:21-32 | Fools Mocking The Lord And His Anointed

Mark 15:1-20 | Innocent, And Nobody Cares

Mark 14:53-72 | Israel On Trial

Mark 14:27-52 | Fulfilling The Scripture By Striking The Shepherd

Mark 14:12-26 | The Covenant Sacrifice

Mark 14:1-11 | Treacherous Subjects of the Faithful King

Mark 13:24-37 | Dominion, Glory, And A Kingdom

Mark 13:14-23 | The Covenant Curse

Mark 13:1-13 | The Glory Has Departed The Temple

Mark 12:38-44 | Pompous Externals of False Religion

Mark 12:35-37 | The Lord Of David And His Kingdom

Mark 12:28-34 | The Great Kingdom’s Great Commandment

Mark 12:13-17 | Materialists Corrupting The Kingdom

Mk 12:13-17 | Living As A Pilgrim In A Foreign Kingdom

Mk 12:1-12 | Real Vs. Stolen Authority

Mk 11:12-25 | Two Cleansings

Mk 11:1-11 | Blessed Is The King Of The Peaceful Kingdom

Mk 10:46-52 | Serving The Lowly Who Unashamedly Call On Me

Mark 10:35-45 | The Ransom Paying Slave-King

Mark 10:32-34 | The Conquering Slaughtered Lamb

Mark 10:17-31 | Love, Trust, And Boast In the Lord

Mark 10:13-16 | Kingdom Of The Humble And Contrite

Mark 10:1-12 | Getting Covenants All Wrong

Mark 9:42-50 | Total Sacrifice For The Kingdom

Mark 9:38-41 | So Just How Widespread Will This Kingdom Be?

Mark 9:33-37 | Loving Power, Hating Love

Mark 9:14-32 | Saving A Faithless Generation

Mark 9:1-13 | Listen, Understand, Shudder, Rejoice

Mark 8:34-38 | What Do You Have If You Don’t Have Me?

Mark 8:31-33 | Dying To Do God’s Will

Mark 8:11-30 | How Long Before You Know Who I Am

Mark 8:1-10 | Shepherd Of All Peoples

Mark 7:24-37 | Lighting Up The Nations

Mark 7:1-23 | Worshipping In Vain

Mark 6:33-44 | Feast And Vindication

Mark 6:6-32 | Foolish Kings of Kingdom of Fools

Mark 6:1-6 | The Unwise Despising Of The Prophet

Mark 7:24-37 | Lighting Up The Nations

Mark 7:1-23 | Worshipping In Vain

Mark 4:35-41 | Beyond Imagination

Mark 4:21-34 | What The Blind Fool Fails To See

Rejecting The King

Mark 4:1-20 | Sowing For Failure And Great Success

Mark 4:1-12 | Hear But Do Not Understand

Mark 3:20-35 | Knowing, Loving, And Doing The Will Of The King

Mark 3:7-19 | Those Who Were Once Not A People

Mark 2:23-3:6 | Religious Unholiness

Mark 2:18-22 | Self-Righteous Fasting At The Banquet

Mark 2:13-17 | Damnable Righteous, Savable Sinners

Mark 2:1-12 | Do Not Forget All His Benefits

Mark 1:35-45 | Obedience Better Than Sacrifice

Mark 1:29-34 | Receiving Humble Service of Gratitude

Mark 1:21-28 | The Authoritative Word

Mark 1:14-20 | Follow Me Into the Kingdom

Mark 1:1-13 | Repentance, Restoration, and Peace

Mark 1:1-8 | A People With A Spirit Of Whoredom

Mark 1:1 | The Glad Tidings Of The Son

Mark 5:21-43 | Hope For The Hopeless

Mark 5:1-20 | Conquering The Nations For Liberty In Peace


Free curriculum designed for your growth in Christian thinking and living.

What Is the Reformed Faith?

An introduction to the Christian worldview and the basic teachings of the Bible. Learn the basic differences among the main groups in the broad Christian tradition, and that “the Reformed faith” is just a nickname for the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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Heidelberg Catechism Curriculum for Families

An exposition of a most treasured summary of the Bible’s basic teachings. Learn how you can be clear about the glory of Christ in His triumph over our sinful misery, so that you can pass it down to the next generation.

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What We Believe

So that everyone visiting this website and our churches knows exactly what we believe and teach, we state our faith right alongside historic and Reformed Christian churches.

The Ecumenical Creeds

Ancient summaries of basic Bible teachings written in part to defend God’s people against heresies sadly still alive today.

The Three Forms of Unity

500-year-old summaries of basic Bible teachings written in part to defend God’s people from deep-seated theological and moral corruption in all kinds of false churches and movements.

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Rev. Tom Morrison
John 8:12-20 | Jesus the Light

Rev. Tom Morrison
John 7:25-52 | Life-giving Water

Rev. Tom Morrison
John 7:14-24 | True Teaching

Rev. Tom Morrison
John 7:1-13 | God Using Hatred

Catechetical Sermons

Rev. Movses Janbazian
Psalm 143 | The Eyes Are On You

Rev. Movses Janbazian
Psalm 142 | Jesus’ Prayer From The Cave

Rev. Movses Janbazian
Psalm 141 | Serving As A Priest In Exile

Rev. Movses Janbazian
Psalm 140 | The Words Of Serpents

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